Be inspired by a true story of Resilience

the wheelbarrow kid

This is a Life-changing Coaching Course to help Young People who have Big Dreams for themselves and are seeking to change their narrative. It is based on the Inspirational True Story of one boy who overcame the restrictions of extreme poverty, derogatory prejudice and unbelievable limitations of society …

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The Wheelbarrow kid- online course

True stories, like The Wheelbarrow Kid, are powerful agents of change. For the first time, a story is designed into a Coaching Course.  It is not just a story – It is a true story with a Cause: to change lives, give hope and make a difference in the world. 

The Wheelbarrow Kid has become a Household Name for many people.  Shared in more than thirteen countries and translated into three languages, The Wheelbarrow Kid is loved for its authenticity, vulnerability and simplicity which offers hope and courage for young people, parents and Teachers.

He was a juvenile delinquent and homeless boy who was born in abject poverty and eclipsed from hope, lived in a children’s home, a place of safety and detention, a youth centre and during the 12 years of school,  attended 13 different schools.  

The Wheelbarrow Kid picked thrown-away sandwiches from a rubbish bin to eat … experienced living on the streets, sleeping in railway stations and running away from the police.

Today, that boy is a Multi-potentialite, prolific author, Certified Ethics Officer and Business Rescue Practitioner who received the coveted ASIC Social Entrepreneur in International Education Award for 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The Wheelbarrow Kid is just a glimpse of a true story of courage against the odds … a story of resilience and determination. It will change your life!


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The Wheelbarrow kid- online course

The Wheelbarrow Kid is just a glimpse of a true story of courage against the odds … a story of resilience and determination. The strengths that helped a lost boy become resilient were non-cognitive in nature. As you immerse yourself in the carefully selected events of his childhood, in this Course, you will be coached to realize that there is much more to your own life if you will only open up to its possibilities.

This Course is based on the book: The Wheelbarrow Kid that became an International television series showing for more than ten years bringing hope to thousands of people across the globe.

In a creative entrepreneurial feat, using modern systems and platforms, the Wheelbarrow Kid is now available, as a Unique, one-of-its kind Coaching Course to inspire hope, courage and resilience to individuals across borders. 

Want to change your life!  Change your narrative. Want to know how? The Wheelbarrow Kid will demonstrate how and you can change the trajectory of your life forever!

“Stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain, and thus are better remembered, than simply stating a set of facts.When it comes to changing the values, mindsets, rules, and goals of a system, story is foundational.”


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Course Details

Be inspired by a true story of Resilience: The Wheelbarrow Kid.

This is a self-paced Course.  You can complete in your own space and at your own pace.  This is a systematic, progressive and intentional approach to lead you to understand and appreciate yourself, break free from limitations and change your life.

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R 2,600.00

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Completely Online

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Inspired and changed by the wheelbarrow kid


I would like to thank God for using you in an amazing way. I read your book (The Wheelbarrow Kid) and I couldn’t put in down. I am a slow reader but I manager to complete this book in one day. For every chapter read, a different format of motivation was experienced. Thank you. 

 – Mr Bongani Radebe, Regional Manager: Aftersales, (BMW South Africa) (Pty) Ltd – 2008.


I am a SDA Missionary teacher in South Korea and would like to use your book  in my mission outreach. There is a tremendous need for a book like yours.  The book has been a great inspiration to me. There are so many people in Korea who commit suicide due to pressure and this will be a great encouragement to them.

 – Petro Venter,  Gwangju Sangmu – South Korea

I feel compelled to tell you that even though I’ve read many books, rarely have I read a book with such a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and utter enthusiasm.

Thank you for sharing your God given talent, insights and experiences with the rest of us. For me personally, I am newly energised /inspired to face my own situation, with which I’ve become content with.

 – Piet Pretorius – Planet Video.

I have just gone through a borrowed copy of your book “The wheelbarrow kid”, and I was motivated to live my life more fully.

– Rufaro Dakwa

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