The Wheelbarrow Kid-Inspiring Resilience through Narrative

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In this Course, we will explore selected episodes in the Story of The Wheelbarrow Kid and explore the practical lessons from them. 

The Wheelbarrow Kid is just a glimpse of a true story of courage against the odds … a story of resilience and determination. The strengths that helped a lost boy become resilient were non-cognitive in nature. As you immerse yourself in the carefully selected events of his childhood, in this Course, you will be coached to realize that there is much more to your own life if you will only open up to its possibilities. 

This Course is based on the book: The Wheelbarrow Kid that became an International television series showing for more than ten years bringing hope to thousands of people across the globe.

Want to change your life!  Change your narrative. Want to know how? The Wheelbarrow Kid will demonstrate how and you can change the trajectory of your life forever!

“Stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain, and thus are better remembered, than simply stating a set of facts.When it comes to changing the values, mindsets, rules, and goals of a system, story is foundational.”  Let the story of The Wheelbarrow Kid be the catalyst to change.

This Course is equivalent to a full three-day seminar event and you get to do it in your space and at your place.

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